Submit Initial Deposit

We accept deposits for $250.00 CAD by PayPal, cash, certified cheque, money order, and Interac Money Transfer. After you've submitted your deposit all you need to do is fill out the purchase agreement online, or print it out and send the completed form to us via fax or mail. After submitting your deposit, please visit our purchase agreement page to finalize the reservation of your new puppy.

We prefer Interac money transfer which can be sent from any of the 5 major banks through their online banking services. It's secure, the least expensive for our customers, and the quickest to clear.

Send Your Deposit with Interac Money Transfer

Sending an Interac money transfer is as simple as logging into your online banking, and selecting Interac money transfer. It's just like paying a bill.

To submit your deposit via Interac money transfer and join the waiting list for our next litter - send $250.00 to When your payment has been received, and the purchase agreement has been completed - your reservation will be finalized.

Send Your Deposit with PayPal, or Credit Card

At Millpond Doodles, we also accept balance transfers and credit cardpayments through PayPal. To submit your deposit and instantly join the waiting list, use the PayPal button below.

Upon receiving your deposit and purchase agreement, you will be added to the waiting list for the next litter of goldendoodle puppies!

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