Mini Goldendoodles

Our mini goldendoodles are bred from crossing golden retreivers with mini, or toy poodles. Mini goldendoodles range in size from 20lbs to 35lbs fully grown and make great family pets or companions for individuals and professionals.

The hypoallergenic qualities of the goldendoodle breed is present in the mini goldendoodle, making for a great pet to families or individuals with allergies. Additionally, our mini doodles share the non-shedding qualities of the poodle - so you can spend less time cleaning and more time playing.

Do You Live in a Condo or Apartment?

Our pups will be happy to make your condo or apartment their new homes. Mini goldendoodles adapt well to confined spaces and require significantly less living room than many larger dog breeds.

Our Past Mini Doodles

Below are a few of our past mini goldendoodles - ones that have already found a loving home. Though we will miss each one of them, we hope they bring as much happiness to their new families as they did to us.

If you're interested in taking home a mini goldendoodle of your own, visit our upcoming litters page and view our adoption precedure.

Colour: Cream

goldendoodle puppy cream color

Colour: Apricot

mini doodle pup apricot color

Colour: Red

mini golden doodle red color