The Goldendoodle Breed

Goldendoodles are a very unique breed. Often called a designer breed, due to the favorable traits they share from both the golden retriever and the poodle.

The doodles personality is much like the golden retriever, very laid back and mellow. A great family dog, very intelligent, and easily trainable.

The hypoallergenic and non shedding qualities come from the poodle. Goldendoodles come in both curly and wavy coats and are light to non-shedding.

When we choose our dogs, we look for temperament and personality. Keep in mind, that they are not kennel dogs, they are our pets, who live in our house with us. Not in a kennel or cage.

Standard goldendoodles can be quite large - up to 70 lbs or more, and with any dog that it size, require space and exercise. Our miniature goldendoodles range from 20 to 35 lbs full grown and our petites are even smaller, generally ranging from 10 to 18 lbs full grown.

Want to Take a Goldendoodle Home?

If your interested in the goldendoodle breed or looking for goldendoodles for sale - then you're in the right place. At Millpond Golden Doodles we take pride in the quality and care we put into breeding every litter. We pay special attention to their needs and always strive to be a top goldendoodle breeder in quality and reliabilty.

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